Why so mad Shanks?

"1.. .1 will. I’ll take care of Shinogu," Shihoko said. "We’ll raise him as our own." She knew that her husband Toru, sitting beside her, was staring at her in disbelief. A murmur passed around the room. "Shiho-chan, do you know what you’re saying?" "I wonder if she can handle it?" The man crouched down by Shihoko and whispered into her ear. "I’ll let you, if you take the debt as well." 44 /I "If you don’t…" The man ran a finger lightly down Shinogu’s cheek. The boy’s whole body went completely still—as if he was petrified with fear. "Okay.. .we’ll take that, too…" Shihoko’s voice was trembling. "That’s great to hear." The man stood up. After a cursory look at Shihoko, he swaggered out of the house.

Shihoko and her husband took Shinogu, who was still recovering from the bruises he received from his mother and her man, back home. Shihoko spoke to the boy as he was sitting holding his knees in a corner of the room. “Shinogu-chan. You don’t have to worry about anything anymore.”

"From today on this is your home. We’ll all live here logether." A neighbor had looked after Hatsumi, who had a slight lever, during the funeral. After Shihoko had picked her up, she introduced her daughter to Shinogu. "Hatsu-chan. This is Shinogu-kun." "Shinogu-kun?" Hatsumi tilted her head to one side. "Yes. Starting today, he’s your brother." liatsumi’s eyes brightened with delight. "Brother? Hami-tan want his hentai sister." Hatsurni moved toward hid himself behind Shihoko.